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Dental Insurance

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Dental Insurance provides coverage for oral health care for individuals, groups, and businesses . Dental care pays expenses for treatment and care of dental disease and accidents to teeth. A few common types of dental insurance plans include:



PPO-BlueDental Choice Plus For Individuals and Families


Members are free to choose any dentist they wish. However, by choosing a BlueDental Choice Plus participating dentist, you receive maximum benefits and are protected from balance billing. If you do go outside the network for care, you can do so with the assurance that your claims will be paid based on average fees charged by most dentists. 



PPO - BlueDental Choice Copayment Plan for Individuals & Families


BlueDental Choice Copayment gives members the ability to predict copayments when visiting network dentists and specialists. This plans also covers out-of-network care. 



Prepaid- BlueDental Care for Individuals & Families


If you are an individual who is not part of a group and wants dental coverage with predictable copayments for you and your family, this policy is right for you. This prepaid plan offers individuals and families low copayments for covered services from a general dentist who participates in our network. With this plan, there are no pre-existing condition limitations, deductibles or benefit maximums.


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