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Disability Insurance

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If you become unable to receive income from work due to an injury or illness: 


How would you pay your mortgage?

Pay for grocery bills?

Make your car payment?

Save for retirement? 




Your income is a valuable asset and a financial foundation for you and your family. To ensure that you maintain your current lifestyle and protect your family's future, disability insurance provides a set income after an injury or illness occurs. Disability insurance is a form of insurance that insures that beneficiaries receive income against the risk that a disability will make working impossible. Disability insurance includes paid sick leave, short-term disability benefits, and long-term disability benefits. Make sure you protect your future and future income with disability insurance. 


There are two types of disability policies: Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD):


Short-Term Disability policies (STD) have a waiting period of 0 to 14 days with a maximum benefit period of no longer than two years. 


Long-Term Disability policies (LTD) have a waiting period of several weeks to several months with a maximum benefit period ranging from a few years to the rest of your life.


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