Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of questions should I be expected to answer when applying for insurance?

At Nichols & Associates, we’ll ask you a number of questions when you apply for health insurance. Typical questions pertain to your name, age, gender, address, etc. Nichols & Associates offers a variety of insurance policies to our clients to fit their needs the best. In order to determine which policies work best for your unique situation, we will need to obtain this basic information from you.


Are there advantages to using an agent to purchase insurance?

By using an independent agent such as Nichols & Associates Insurance Agency, you receive more personalized service therefore making your policy match your needs. By having a direct point of contact for your insurance needs, it can also be very helpful when filing a claim. Our insurance agency specializes in offering quality insurance at competitive pricing, while giving superior customer service.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via our online form.